I have a vast variety of working experiences. I started working as a chef when I was 16 and since then I have been working in public and private sectors, event management and as a freelance graphic facilitator. I have lived, studied and worked in several countries, i.e. South Africa and Switzerland.

I'm a graphic facilitator & project manager, meaning that I'm very experienced in visualising processes, plans and other organisational elements, to work across entire organisations and in the implementation. I have a lot of experience with hosting events, conferences, workshops and teaching that move beyond what we have already experienced.

I strive to work with regenerative, life-affirming principles in my own company

and in the collaboration with others. I prioritise to work with clients and collaborators who

are willing to invest in a regenerative future with respect for all of life. 


I'm currently primarily working within spaces focussed on new economics (Doughnut Economics)

and regenerative agriculture as a project leader, producer/facilitator and visual practitioner.





Here is some of the work I do with others. In my 5+ years as a freelancer, my most valuable learning is that my absolute best work has happened in collaboration with others.



Recently formed collective of female practitioners focussed on exploring complexity

& emergence. We design, develop & produce learning & research programmes.


Abdul Dube and I have been working together for 8 years on visual thinking trainings,

facilitation and graphic recording.


In 2022 I started working with the Danish farm association Andelsgaarde.

We're buying farmland in community of currently 2800 members, who monthly pay 20€.

We're now looking to buy our 4th farm. All of the farms are

stewarded by regenerative principles.


I've been working with CIVIC SQUARE in Birmingham since August 2021,

on building a neighbourhood doughnut economics movement. Designing an interactive

open source learning space in Miro and hosting peer-to-peer learning with participation

from 4 continents.



I'm prioritising to take action and shift behaviours according to my values and visions about a regenerative future that respects all of life. Currently for my company that means: 

1. I do not fly unless absolutely crucial, necessary and unavoidable. If I do, I'll make sure we compensate by bringing added value to some important work and offset the flying by financially supporting three projects that I 100% trust. 

2. I do not buy new material unless absolutely crucial, necessary and unvoidable. I will always attempt to use material I already have or is already produced. If I do buy new, I spend time researching what is the highest quality, lowest impact and longest lasting option. If I absolutely need to purchase new tech, I'll always choose the refurbished options available.

3. I spend as much of my revenue as possible on regenerative causes. I'm striving towards 15% of my revenue. Currently I'm monthly supporting Andelsgaarde and Den Danske Naturfond.

         I plant a tree through Growing Trees for every invoice I send out. 

 4.  I'm learning to take more time off from public facing work to allow more space and time for rest and working with my hands (currently pottery and knitting). I'm learning to collaborate and distribute work between my collaborators. 

5. I work and collaborate with clients and collaborators who are willing to work towards a regenerative future with respect for all of life in values, principles, words and actions. None of us are fully there yet, but it's a principle for me to work with organisations and businesses who knows that we should align values with a shift in actions. 


National Lottery Community Fund, Laudes Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, ROCKWOOL Fonden, Eit Climate-KIC, EIT Mobility, Future Parks Accelerator, Danish Design Center, The Barbican, Greater London Authority, Dialogos, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Cirka CPH, CIVIC SQUARE, Doughnut Economics Action Lab, Aarhus Kommune, PeaceCon, Ecoversities, ClimateGroup, uLab, Kaospiloterne, Hyper Island, Tsiba Education, Activate Leadership, Loccioni, ZHAW, Weavers Lab, WISE, Kigali Global Dialogue, RoundGlass, Skoll Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DR, DJMX, Ashoka, Culture Works, Golden Days, Action Aid, Aarhus University, University of Bern, SUMH, MuseoMix, ATU, Alternativet, Infomedia, Region Midtjylland, YOUTHxYOUTH